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Up-to-date news about Steps in Eduction in remote areas.
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Adventures With Steps in Education

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2019 is already in full swing, and we have some exciting events for the end of the month. On the 31st of January 2019, there a number of webinars being hosted by a great company...

Working in community health can often challenge our ways of working. Some time ago, I was involved in a program which assisted mothers and their young children to connect through art. A very interesting article...

For the last couple of months I have been busy writing Clinical Guidelines for a private company. It was quite a challenge, from writing the draft until it went to print. This has certainly provided me...

For the last three months, I have been working in Mount Isa Queensland, where I was involved in managing the introduction of lead testing for children aged between 6 months and 5 years. This program...

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