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Siglinde Angerer standing in front of a plane which are used to get to these remote communities in Australia.

I am excited to share some BIG news…

It’s been sometime since my last blog, but after a lot of hard work and time – I am now happy to announce the completion of six new videos. Each of these videos demonstrate an informative introduction to child health assessment.

Why should you try my videos? They are not only practical but are also easy to understand, making it easy for those with little to no knowledge of infants.

Want to know more, but not sure what to expect? Get a sneak peek, with the introductory video being completely FREE until the 30th of January 2019. Don’t miss out on an amazing offer. Simply fill out the contact form on the website to receive your first video for free today!

What if I like what I see, and want to see more? The remaining five videos can be purchased for a great price. Please contact me for more information, and please allow 24 hours for processing your request.

Lastly…further to my exciting news the anticipated release of exploring growth and development within the key ages and stages parameters will be released in early February 2019.

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