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About Steps in Education. Siglinde Angerer, specialist in Professional Education Service in Early Parenting and Maternal Child health
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Innovative Training by Siglinde Angerer

About Steps in Education

Meet Siglinde Angerer

Siglinde Angerer offers a wide range of services to the maternal health professional. Specialist Professional Education Service in Early Parenting and Maternal Child health for service providers

I am Registered Nurse and Midwife with qualifications in Maternal and Child Health. With career experience spanning over 37 years in areas such as acute nursing, midwifery, maternal and child health, public health and staff training. The last 15 years I have focused on surveillance, screening and monitoring growth and development of children in remote and very isolated parts of Australia.

In my role as an educator I have been developing lecture material to meet training requirements in the university and TAFE sector. This includes developing assessment tools and strategies, adapting learning components and identifying the learners’ needs through the use of a variety of mediums to ensure that a competent and capable student will enter an ever changing and demanding workforce.

Delivering and supporting key principles to meet strategic and operational objectives has always been a key focus in the delivery of primary health care, regardless of the organisation by which it is provided. The focus in the delivery has been working in conjunction with key stakeholders at a local level through to government level with particular emphasis as a subject matter expert in maternal and child health to strengthen the delivery of services within the wider community.

Whilst assisting in providing exert technical assistance to build capacity both within the clinical area and community based organisations to deliver evidence-based practices and innovative programs in maternal and child health directly to communities and support not only the whole child but the community that surrounds the child and family.

I am a member of the following:

  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
  • Infant Massage Australia
  • Australian Nurse Teacher Society

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