Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Learning Connection - Steps in Education
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Learning Connection

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Learning Connection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention learning connection (CDC) is a fantastic source of information about public health training. The CDC learning connection has been developed by CDC, CDC partners and federal agencies and is a great way to encourage healthcare professionals to take a course.

The course linked below; the successful implementation of clinical preventative services: depression, obesity, and breastfeeding is provided wholly online and is separated into a four part package consisting of presentations.

These presentations focus its learning on providing scientific evidence to support the need for specific tools and techniques, services, behavioral counselling and providing effective referral processes for providers and others working in pre- and perinatal care settings.

Not only do the presentations describe the health care systems elements and protocols which support preventative services but it also focuses on how additional resources help care for providers but those who coordinate the systems that they work in to function smoothly in terms of providing services related


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