Training and Program Design Implementation - Steps in Education
A community program providing sex education, child health and development,and maternal health information, in remote areas for young women
community program, child health, child development, health information
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Training and Program Design Implementation

Strong Women Strong Babies Strong Culture Project

  • Lead Health Management Project

    Working with North-West Health and Hospital Service..

  • Training and Instruction

    Development of Training package and protocol using LeadCare II analyser

As part of a Department of Health initiative to improve the profile of Strong Women workers in three communities in East Arnhem Land.

The aim is to establish and maintain important links within the community through cultural inclusion. As these women have strong ties to their communities and supporting these Elders in ensuring the young women continue with traditional values and customs.

The program has to review and update education requirements to retain existing Strong Women and recruit new women to the role.

To identify new educational requirements for these women to ensure they are adequately prepared to meet the increasing health issues of their community members, and are able to lease between cultural values and western medicine.

Working with exisiting stakeholders and leasing with new stakeholders (local level and external organisation) to promote valuable contributions these women make to their communities.

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