Training and Instruction - Steps in Education
A community program providing sex education, child health and development,and maternal health information, in remote areas for young women
community program, child health, child development, health information
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Training and Instruction

Training and Instruction

Development of Training package and protocol using LeadCare II analyser device to test capillary lead blood levels for children aged 6 months to 5 years. Training of all staff in using this machine and following correct protocol to prevent specimens contamination (training up to 20 people).

Revised and updated training requirements as identified working on the Strong Women project with the assistance of the program coordinator.

Developed in conjunction with Dental Health Victoria (state level) to devise a dental health training package (published April 2014) for early childhood workers and Indigenous health workers. The aim of the program was to allow for versatility and adaptability to any area and level of expertise.

Developed an eLearning program for a private registered training organisation, accessible to nurses who are registered with the organisation.

Developed and designed three group programs whilst employed at a public hospital which supported vulnerable families suffering from depression and life events. These programs were promoted through the community and social service organisation.

Long history of clinical facilitation of undergraduate nursing students at various hospital settings (acute, community and aged care settings).

Limited tenure in the delivery of nursing education both at University and Technical and other further education institutions, in the form of lectures, tutorials, and stimulation laboratories.

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